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Ok but what's unique about
Triplo AI?

AI is not intelligent. You are!

Triplo AI empowers YOU to take control of "Artificial Intelligence" enabling it to handle the heavy lifting while YOU enhance productivity.


Want to run open prompts?

Want to use one of our 300+ pre-defined prompts?

Want to access content from a website or video and create on top of it?

Want to use data from external sources through APIs in your prompts?

Want to talk to AI instead of typing?

With Triplo AI you can!

Are you struggling with?

Check out Triplo's Features That Will Improve Your Workflow

Real-Time Assistance

Tap into AI-powered support across any application.


Predefined AI prompts for immediate productivity gains.

Custom SmartPrompts

Craft ready to use prompts for your specific needs.

Context-Aware Translations

Achieve precise translations in over 200 languages, with attention to dialects, slang, and regional nuances.

Knowledge Bases

Develop personalized knowledge repositories to enhance AI with trusted content, ensuring more accurate and tailored outcomes.

Voice Interaction

Interact with AI using voice commands and receive responses audibly.

A wide range of models available

Dolphin Mixtral 8x7B 32k, Google Gemini Pro 131k, GPT 3.5 16k, Llama3 8B, Meta Llama-2 13B 4k, Mistral Open Orca 7B 8k, Mistral Tiny 32k, Mistral-7B 8k, and many many more..

Amazing limits

Triplo AI currently provides each device with a monthly allowance of up to 2 million tokens. This enables you to process approximately 10 romance books every month per device.


You can also use your own API Keys from Open AI and/or OpenRouter to access other models.

Discover the power of Triplo AI

Check Out Triplo's Features That Will Improve Your Workflow


Researchers need help conducting literature reviews, data analysis, writing research papers, and keeping up with the latest developments in their field. Triplo AI can assist in automating literature searches, analyzing data sets, generating reports, and providing summaries of recent studies, saving researchers significant time and effort.

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Streamline Your Work Day

Whether you're at your desk or on the go, Triplo AI Mobile apps empower you. Ask anything, create, enhance and refine content anywhere!

No Need for Integrations

No more third-party integrations, Triplo AI is ready for any app you use right now.

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Have other questions?

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